What you should Be aware of when it comes to Western Cape Farms

Once integrated in the previously known Cape Province, Western Cape Farms today offer a whole variety of real estate investment options. The regular precipitation and fertility of the earth for most areas have triggered the formation of substantial expanses of Cape farms in the area. Grapes make up the most important crop in the region along with wheat currently being the second most commonly seen crop here. The farms in such a area, according to their location, possess the increased value of having magnificent views with the green fields with the nearby hills and also the wonderful sea side.

Climatic Conditions

Western Cape’s climate has been called Mediterranean in nature. However, there are changes in climatic conditions because of a number of macro and micro climate formations. Western Cape farms are blessed with plentiful winter down pours which make the land conducive to farming. Though the cold months can be very severe in certain parts of the Western Cape, most areas of the province are spared the bitter winter frost and similar effects.

Types of Farms in Western Cape

The actual surroundings in Western Cape is very diverse due to several micro climates within each part of the province. Due to this kind of variety in land, a number of different kinds of Cape Farms are available for in the area. Most often Western Cape Farms are typically vast establishments having sprawling green meadows having a number of farm houses as well as cottages distributed around the farms. River front farms, game farms, lifestyle farms, sea front farms and mixed farms are, as their titles suggest, different classes of Cape farms which have been separated based on their position. Western Cape is an significant wine manufacturing province of South Africa together with numerous popular wine makers and vineyards.

Leisure and Recreation

Incorporating value for the real estate in Western Cape is the stunning scenery that encompases the country where many of the farms are located. As a result of its breath taking all natural environment, Western Cape has some very nice adventure sports options located in the vicinity. The awe-inspiring Bloukrans Bridge, found in the Western Cape region, stands out as the world’s highest bungee jumping point. Woodland expeditions as well as tours can also be undertaken from Western Cape. Contrastingly, the ocean side provides excellent surfing locations, like Jeffery’s beach, and also good deep-sea diving places.

Western Cape- A cosmopolitan and urban province

Western Cape is legendary due to its cultural and social diversity. Even with its natural setting and traditional roots, Western Cape does have many town and cities which are very urban as well as modern making the settlement in the province characteristically cosmopolitan. Cape farms have the advantage of being located in the serene and peaceful country side and yet only a few hours away from the big shopping malls and restaurants in nearby cities. Therefore, at Western Cape you can own a beautiful green farm at by the sea side or one with a great view of the nearby mountains without having to sacrifice any urban pleasures and conveniences that we are used to. Few other places offer the versatility that Western Cape does.…