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Should You REALLY Invest in Propert


My name is Ken Wood, I’m the co-owner of Universal courses.

You most likely haven’t heard plenty from me previously… I’ve favored to work behind the scenes as we built Universal events to become one of the most important Business, Investment and Personal instruction companies in Australia.

You always receive news from Karen Corban, the Founder of Universal seminars (and my lovely wife).

I only planned to give you a heads up that things are changing quite a bit.

Along with your usual mail from Karen, I’ll be also sending you several very unique invitations to a group of exciting property courses we now have turning out.

Why All The Special Property Courses

You may have noticed we have been offering a variety of courses teaching you on wise and powerful property processes over the past 6 to 12 months.

Specifically, Phil Anderson’s Lunch Money Property Millionaire events where many people have learned how to produce a million-dollar Australian property selection for the price of their lunch money or a lesser amount.

And then there’s the How To Buy Us Property On Sale Now seminars helping you make an well-versed choice on the subject of the massive opportunity inside the US now to acquire less than replacement cost houses in quality neighbourhoods whilst the Aussie Dollar is so tough.

And tomorrow I’ll be letting you know as regards another likewise compelling and BRAND NEW break for you to acquire property for zero holding costs, no interest and provides you with one way to by-pass the banks altogether!

(Stay posted)

So, why have we been providing you every one of these special courses

Well, to start with, we’ve complete some surveys on the Universal Events community to uncover what everyone wishes along with the demand for more property learning is overwhelming. So, we’ve gone and located the very best mentors, techniques and support teams to give you that property training and allow you to grow your wealth through property.

Secondly, we know how the Universal Events community is in relation to something a lot more than just creating wealth for the sake of it. You would like the best life, for yourself and your family. You’re thinking about making a contribution and living your passion. You comprehend that wealth is more than your bank account and also you’re not prepared to run with the herd, doing things the “hard” way when you could possibly be doing them the “wise” way.

That’s why each of the property techniques we’re taking to you are distinct

Whilst everyone is paying retail for their Australian properties and negatively gearing themselves up to their eyeballs, Phil Anderson is teaching you how to amass a multi-million dollar portfolio for what you use up on a hamburger.

While the majority of folks put their heads in the sand and only heed the media “hype” and headlines, our US Property team is teaching you how to turn adversity to your gain and get in on an investment break the vast majority of us haven’t noticed before in our lifetimes.

And now We have another very exclusive property opportunity – one that needs a really small deposit, no holding costs, no interest costs and little risk. This is certainly the approach many of the BIG PLAYERS (sophisticated investors & developers) have been approaching property investing for centuries – enabling them to realize amazing results and amazing returns outside the realms of the usual investor. And now, owing to a wierd oddity of the GFC, for the first time you are instead in a prime place to make the most of this seldom known strategy.

More on that tomorrow – keep a lookout for my once-in-a-lifetime video message.

I’d love to hear from you. What you’d want to see more of. How we can be helping you develop your wealth, find your freedom and live your passion.…

Termite Infestations

Yesterday I had privilege to talk to that intellegent pest expert, Dovid Davis, a Baltimore pest control specialist. Dovid and I had never talked about termites, so I asked him to tell me about them. And, I was glad I did, because this proved to be the most fascinating discussion I have had with Dovid.

David said that we were gernerally going to talk about subterranean termites. They naturally dwell in the soil, like earthworms, and they feast on cellular and wood byproducts such as paper. Dovid told me there are basically three stages of the termite life cycle, which are identified. One of these is the nymph stage. As a nymph, termites look alot like a maggot, meaning a tiny white worm perhaps a fifth of an inch or even smaller in size. They live in colonies. The heart of the colony is the queen, whose unique purpose is to create the workers; and, there can be loads of them in a colony. They are all her children, and while they work, she just creates babies. The workers, in turn, feed their queen, and they all eat together, below the surface.

Here, Dovid told me an amazing fact about termites, if termite workers are placed in open air they die within 20-30 seconds. They can’t be exposed to the open air. A humidity level of 15-18% will dry them out. This fact reminds me somewhat of man’s life on the moon.

So the workers live inside these termite tunnels. When the queen wishes to enlarge her colony, she will then produce another type of termite termed a swarmer, which is a flying termite protected by exoskeleton. This outside shell permits this termite to survive above ground.

According to Dovid, the swarmers will generally be present in the middle of March and April. They’re birth is triggered by warm weather. There can be up to 5-10 thousand in one swarm. swarmers do not eat wood. Their sole purpose is to fly around, choose a mate, (the swarmers come in male and female.), and locate another underground area where they can develop a new colony. And all of this must occur in less than 20 hours, which is the average life span of the swarmer. And that, Dovid said, ends the description of the life cycle of the swarmer.

Now Dovid provided some more incredible information about the underground insect. Should they want to expand their colony without using swarmers, they have to create additional termite tunnels. To do this, they use a bit of the soil, and a bit of their waste, and they make a tunnel from point A to point

B. Now here’s the astounding fact. When you go into someone’s basement, and see mud tunnels running up and down the walls, these tunnels are termite turnpikes for the termites going from the soil up to a wooden beam, and back down the wall again. Like vampires, they must return to the soil every 24 hours or they will perish. And this activitycvg goes on continually 24 hours a day.

Now if you open a hole in the tunnel to examine it, workers will immediately begin to either repair the tunnel or shut it off. They will shut off the hole of the tunnel and then build an additional tunnel connected to it. They will make use of these tunnels to go along cinderblock walls, up through thecenter of the brick or even around it. The tunnels may rise even 10 feet from the floor, allowing the termites to feast on roof studs, while enlarging the tunnel as they go.

Amazingly, the termites can live like this for 60-90 days or for 10 years. While we think of termites as lowly creatures, their lifestyle is not unlike the life man will have when he colonizes the Moon or Mars, and have to live in airtight bubbles to survive.

Then Dovid got to the heart the conversation. Now that we know their lifestyle, how does a pest specialist kill the termites. Dovid told me there are two phases. First the pest specialist has to block termites from entering the house from the outside soil, and he has to kill the ones that have already penetrated the house.

While treatment for termite extermination varies, the most common technique is to go on the outside of the house around the grounds, this is stage one. What Dovid does is to dig a 6-8 inch deep trench and put in a long rod into the soil so that it penetrates down to the footers, and inject with a termiticide. This will kill the termites who are seeking to get in. As they come in contact with the termiticide, it will kill them. Internal walls are treated by drilling into whatever substrate, the wall is made of and injecting with a termiticide.

According to Dovid, the efficacy of the treatment will range anywhere from 5-10 years if left undisturbed. However, if there is an gap in the chemical barrier or if you miss a spot of as little as 6 inches because of piping or a tree stump, if there is a gap of even one inch, termites will locate it and enter the home. So an average home uses between 75 gallons and 125 gallons of termiticide for a single treatment.

Dovid left me with one more amazing fact. The new generation of termiticides is singular among insecticides. Whereas the old generation termiticides were repellants, with a smell that drove the termites away, the new generation are attack viruses, which specifically target termites. When the termite crawls through the spray he will pick up the infection and then bring it back to the queen. It takes 2-3 three weeks to knock out a colony. And the virus doesn’t attack humans.

Well, that wraps up another episode of Day in the Life of Dovid Davis Pest Specialist, and I wish you all a pest free day!

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Termites, those inveterate insect …

Various Methods to Determine if Your Residence Must have Iron Doorways

Hunt for these caution signs that your present doorways just are not cutting it.

When’s the very last time you took a in depth, hard search for these that your just at the doors on your residence Your entrance doors are important for countless reasons. Not only do they have an effect on your house’s elegance and overall appearance, but your doors also play an vital role in your house’s safety.

Iron doors have turned out to be popular all the rage because they appear high quality, provide top notch safety, and are able to help enhance the energy effectiveness of your home. If you’re pondering if wrought iron doors are suitable for you, here are some signs that can inform you if you should have a new iron door.

Air is escaping through your doorway-The doorways in your house could be enabling air to leak. This simply means that your ac is leaking to the outside, and that warm air from outside is sneaking within your residence. Because of this, your ac unit is forced to labor much harder, and your month-to-month electric bill steadily gets more expensive. Stop wasting money, and prevent wear and tear on your ac unit. With quality wrought iron doors, you can keep your cold ac in, so you may keep a relaxed atmosphere.

Your door isn’t secure enough-If a person really wanted to smash in your front door, would they have the ability to do it fairly easily If they really wanted to break through the lock, could they do that too Most wood doorways can be broken into in merely a few seconds. Wrought iron doors, alternatively, provide your residence an additional security layer. This guards your entire and every one of your belongings in your house.

You are not satisfied with your doorway’s overall appearance-The front doorway on your home is the number one item people notice when walking up. If it’s ugly, it sets a bad overtone for your entire residence. With hand made wrought iron doors, you can make a huge splash with your entrance door. It is able to aid to beautify your house and give it appeal.

Your doorway doesn’t fit well-Does your front door catch on the frame Do you need to shove really firm to get it to close If this is the case, that means your door does not fit the border correctly. Your choices are to restore or repair the door frame or to attain a brand new door manufactured for your existing structure. This could be the correct time to trade up to iron doors.

Your door is very old-When’s the last time you changed your current door Some doors are able to live for a extended time period, but second-rate, wooden doors do have to be inspected occasionally to be sure they are currently in fair working order. So, if you have had your doorways for a very long time, you might like to think about getting modern wrought iron doors.

Iron doors provide a wide variety of benefits. These amazing iron doors are able to assist with everything from beautifying your house to upgrading the security of your home. Search on the internet to have your hand made iron doors designed now.…

What you should Be aware of when it comes to Western Cape Farms

Once integrated in the previously known Cape Province, Western Cape Farms today offer a whole variety of real estate investment options. The regular precipitation and fertility of the earth for most areas have triggered the formation of substantial expanses of Cape farms in the area. Grapes make up the most important crop in the region along with wheat currently being the second most commonly seen crop here. The farms in such a area, according to their location, possess the increased value of having magnificent views with the green fields with the nearby hills and also the wonderful sea side.

Climatic Conditions

Western Cape’s climate has been called Mediterranean in nature. However, there are changes in climatic conditions because of a number of macro and micro climate formations. Western Cape farms are blessed with plentiful winter down pours which make the land conducive to farming. Though the cold months can be very severe in certain parts of the Western Cape, most areas of the province are spared the bitter winter frost and similar effects.

Types of Farms in Western Cape

The actual surroundings in Western Cape is very diverse due to several micro climates within each part of the province. Due to this kind of variety in land, a number of different kinds of Cape Farms are available for in the area. Most often Western Cape Farms are typically vast establishments having sprawling green meadows having a number of farm houses as well as cottages distributed around the farms. River front farms, game farms, lifestyle farms, sea front farms and mixed farms are, as their titles suggest, different classes of Cape farms which have been separated based on their position. Western Cape is an significant wine manufacturing province of South Africa together with numerous popular wine makers and vineyards.

Leisure and Recreation

Incorporating value for the real estate in Western Cape is the stunning scenery that encompases the country where many of the farms are located. As a result of its breath taking all natural environment, Western Cape has some very nice adventure sports options located in the vicinity. The awe-inspiring Bloukrans Bridge, found in the Western Cape region, stands out as the world’s highest bungee jumping point. Woodland expeditions as well as tours can also be undertaken from Western Cape. Contrastingly, the ocean side provides excellent surfing locations, like Jeffery’s beach, and also good deep-sea diving places.

Western Cape- A cosmopolitan and urban province

Western Cape is legendary due to its cultural and social diversity. Even with its natural setting and traditional roots, Western Cape does have many town and cities which are very urban as well as modern making the settlement in the province characteristically cosmopolitan. Cape farms have the advantage of being located in the serene and peaceful country side and yet only a few hours away from the big shopping malls and restaurants in nearby cities. Therefore, at Western Cape you can own a beautiful green farm at by the sea side or one with a great view of the nearby mountains without having to sacrifice any urban pleasures and conveniences that we are used to. Few other places offer the versatility that Western Cape does.…

What You Want to Know About Round Rock

A lot of people have never heard of Round Rock, TX. But that is fixin to change. Round Rock [[[TXTexas}}is full of history….some of the lore of Round Rock revolves around the Chisholm Trail, a famous route that transported cattle and people between the Midwest. A gentleman by the name of Jesse Chisholm began laying this trail in 1865. It started on the Canadian River near Yukon, Oklahoma, proceeded north to Wichita, Kansas. The main reason for the trail was to carry supplies and goods north and to trade with the Indians. It also became the trail to take cattle to and from destination points. There are also several great stories about Sam Bass, the bank robber, who is buried in a local cemetery. Talk about the Wild West!

Enough about the past for now, here is what’s happening in the future for Round Rock, TX. Round Rock is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas and 13th safest city in the US. Its home to major employers such as Dell Computers, Cypress Semiconductor, Farmer’s Insurance and many other corporations, big and small. It has an award winning park system and acclaimed school district. The sales tax rate is 8.25 percent. The city ranks seventh among cities in Texas for tax collections.

Because of the strong education and school system, this community was voted in a national competition as one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People in the US. Another award was that the Austin-Round Rock metro area was ranked fifth in the United States for the Best Cities for Relocating Families. It was founded on how easy it is to settle into a new city and life with ease and convenience. Emphasis was placed also on Real Estate and the market. They looked at homes costs, property taxes, appreciation, and rental costs and indexed home affordability.

In addition to many beautiful neighborhoods, there are many extra-curricular things to do in this fair city. The highly acclaimed Dell Diamond is home to the Round Rock Express, the triple A affiliate of the Houston Astros located in Round Rock. The Dell Diamond is the #1 ballpark in the country out of more than 200 parks. This is a fun event for all with spectator involvement like none other. Another source of activity is at Old Settler’s Park located near the Dell Diamond which has a water park, soccer and baseball fields, tennis courts and hosts many sporting events.

There are also many Festivals that occur in Round Rock such as the Hairy Man Festival (that’s right), Old Settler’s Days with the Sam Bass Shootout re-enactment, Third Thursdays every month downtown, Annual Christmas Diva Affair, the Mansion of Terror during Halloween, to name a few.

Real Estate is very reasonable in Round Rock – homes range from $90’s up in to the millions. There is a great selection and many wonderful communities. AND YES THERE IS REALLY A ROUND ROCK located in the middle of Brushy Creek in the middle of town, come check it out.…