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My name is Ken Wood, I’m the co-owner of Universal courses.

You most likely haven’t heard plenty from me previously… I’ve favored to work behind the scenes as we built Universal events to become one of the most important Business, Investment and Personal instruction companies in Australia.

You always receive news from Karen Corban, the Founder of Universal seminars (and my lovely wife).

I only planned to give you a heads up that things are changing quite a bit.

Along with your usual mail from Karen, I’ll be also sending you several very unique invitations to a group of exciting property courses we now have turning out.

Why All The Special Property Courses

You may have noticed we have been offering a variety of courses teaching you on wise and powerful property processes over the past 6 to 12 months.

Specifically, Phil Anderson’s Lunch Money Property Millionaire events where many people have learned how to produce a million-dollar Australian property selection for the price of their lunch money or a lesser amount.

And then there’s the How To Buy Us Property On Sale Now seminars helping you make an well-versed choice on the subject of the massive opportunity inside the US now to acquire less than replacement cost houses in quality neighbourhoods whilst the Aussie Dollar is so tough.

And tomorrow I’ll be letting you know as regards another likewise compelling and BRAND NEW break for you to acquire property for zero holding costs, no interest and provides you with one way to by-pass the banks altogether!

(Stay posted)

So, why have we been providing you every one of these special courses

Well, to start with, we’ve complete some surveys on the Universal Events community to uncover what everyone wishes along with the demand for more property learning is overwhelming. So, we’ve gone and located the very best mentors, techniques and support teams to give you that property training and allow you to grow your wealth through property.

Secondly, we know how the Universal Events community is in relation to something a lot more than just creating wealth for the sake of it. You would like the best life, for yourself and your family. You’re thinking about making a contribution and living your passion. You comprehend that wealth is more than your bank account and also you’re not prepared to run with the herd, doing things the “hard” way when you could possibly be doing them the “wise” way.

That’s why each of the property techniques we’re taking to you are distinct

Whilst everyone is paying retail for their Australian properties and negatively gearing themselves up to their eyeballs, Phil Anderson is teaching you how to amass a multi-million dollar portfolio for what you use up on a hamburger.

While the majority of folks put their heads in the sand and only heed the media “hype” and headlines, our US Property team is teaching you how to turn adversity to your gain and get in on an investment break the vast majority of us haven’t noticed before in our lifetimes.

And now We have another very exclusive property opportunity – one that needs a really small deposit, no holding costs, no interest costs and little risk. This is certainly the approach many of the BIG PLAYERS (sophisticated investors & developers) have been approaching property investing for centuries – enabling them to realize amazing results and amazing returns outside the realms of the usual investor. And now, owing to a wierd oddity of the GFC, for the first time you are instead in a prime place to make the most of this seldom known strategy.

More on that tomorrow – keep a lookout for my once-in-a-lifetime video message.

I’d love to hear from you. What you’d want to see more of. How we can be helping you develop your wealth, find your freedom and live your passion.

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